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The presidential election was cancelled because the results were announced before being verified.

This Is Why Science Loves Twins

Sep. 20th, 2017 11:30 am
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Posted by ARRAY(0xc565398)

They help with tough issues like facial recognition technology and nature vs nurture

-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Time to go?

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:01 am
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Protesters want an end to the rule of President Faure Gnassingbé, who succeeded his father in 2005.
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Yesterday I attached the reinforcement panel to the crotch of the shorts,
and started on the elastic waistband. I initially used a zigzag stitch, but
now that I think of it, it's a woven, and won't be able to stretch farther
than its full extension anyway. So maybe I'll switch back to a straight
stitch for the rest of it.

In the evening T and I made Indian. I had him more-or-less follow a recipe
from the vegetarian Jaffrey book, and I made rice with whole spices and
some improvised dry-cooked vegetables. It was pretty good!
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Senior officials are detained as police target ministries involved in planning a banned referendum.
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Myanmar's de facto leader faces growing pressure for not addressing allegations of ethnic cleansing.
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The tie-up will create Europe's second-biggest steelmaker, but will also lead to job losses.
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A tribunal says the Christian school discriminated against the boy by not letting him wear a turban.

Mexico earthquake as it struck

Sep. 20th, 2017 06:04 am
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A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing more than 220 people and toppling dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City.

Men only

Sep. 20th, 2017 12:24 am
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The case of a woman fined for peeing in an Amsterdam alleyway has sparked a debate about sexism.
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About 50 refugees held in offshore detention centres will be the first to be resettled in the US.

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