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A week ago, life was moving slowly. I spent the fourth making an improved web collage toy, but it isn't ready for public use. Wednesday I hung out at Trident after the Rocky preshow meeting. Thursday evening was Claudia's Salon, with the latest dose of experimental music. Friday was my Salon, with good talk on popular culture, and the mass contemporary world.

I passed up a good after-party Saturday for an excellent IHOP group, a few hours sleep, and being awake in time for an day-in-the-life of an Muscular Therapy Institute student. Not-quite-saga-worthy twists of fate got me there two hours late, but they just plugged me into the group. MTI people have some interesting dogmas, including the body as tool, massage as a whole-person exercise, and communication as self-awareness. I went back Monday evening for the first of a three session "Back Massage Basics" class.

This week has been filled with big work meetings, late-night socializing, long todo lists, and practice playing Riff when I can squeeze it in. And some small social engineering opportunities at Rocky.

I brought the Rocky preshow to ESG, and with good vibes. [livejournal.com profile] senor_don_gato said ESG and Rocky seemed like the weirdest combination, and at the time I could figure out what she meant-- ESG and FBC seem just around the corner from each other to me. On more reflection, I think she's right-- ESG is as naively bohemian as FBC is showy and worldly; ESG is academic and giddy, where FBC is anti-intellectual and dark-- but it's exactly the collision I've been trying to find.

I spent Thursday evening again at Claudia's Salon, drinking deeply of gifts I got from Amsterdam. I'm still shaking it off.

Recently it seems like varied women have been writing parts for me in their scripts, which I find touching. Unfortunately, the draw of my own eros is unclear-- perhaps made so by the very drive of contemplation I hold dear. Concerning.
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Last weekend I finished The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq, a depressing commentary on contemporary society and sexuality. I saw the movie in Germany (in German) and as much as I understood of it seemed fairly sober and introspective, but I was unprepared for the all-encompassing and mood of the unrelenting decay, redeemed only by too-late and a powerless self-knowledge. I'm now reading A Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuchman, a excellently written history of the fourteenth century, with some conservative overtones.

Monday I had a free one-on-one dance lesson at Fred Astaire in Belmont. Tell me if you want one and I'll hook you up. I'll be taking occasional classes there for the next few months-- which means I can also go and use the space anytime.

Tuesday I had the first meeting of my salon. We took a while to get going, but discussed late into the night: historical and global trends, postmodernism, cultural relativism, economic models and their cultural implications, and the considered life. Room for improvement (on my part, as a host), but a very enjoyable success. I let the group in on the first level of my ulterior visions for it. The next salon will be this Friday, July 7.

Wednesday was the last SCA dance practice of the season; I enjoyed a new height of suspending disbelief in the flirting game. Thursday I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] smurf24-- including watching more "House", a very clever medical/detective/genius-style show. Friday I had a great discussion with Diana of Olin, of Olin, travel, the Salon, my center ideas, and women. Saturday I went up to Lowell for my brother's birthday (and kitchy Superman Returns and delicious sushi).
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I'm in San Francisco today and tomorrow, after visiting family for my grandparent's golden anniversary.

Details )

I think I have enough that I already plan on seeing tomorrow, but if anyone has anything they'd like me to bring back or do for you while here, leave a note by 2:00 (Boston time).

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